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Sunday, 3rd Dec. 2023

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About Boarding

Sheth R.D. Dawada Digambar Jain Boarding, Sangli is one of the important part of Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha. It was established on 8th June, 1911. It started its journey at the ‘Panjar Pol’ building. In 1918, it purchased its own land & built its own building through valuable donation of Sheth Ramchand Dhanaji Dawada (Natepute) on 28th Nov, 1922.

Historically, importance of Jain Boarding has been increased as a center of Jain religion not only in Sangli but also in the Southern region. In the pre-independence period it was centre of freedom struggle and hiding place for freedom fighters. Since independence up to 90’s period of ‘Adv. Viracharya Babasaheb Kuchnure, Jain Boarding had kept its treasure of social, economic, religions developments. Till today boarding carrying social responsibilities with same sanctity.